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4G Gps Tracker Electronic Lock

HB-A1Lm is an 4G GPS intelligent tracking and positioning lock to ensure the safety of logistics and freight assets. Suitable for remote monitoring of container, flatbed, box truck management.
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  • Network:

    2G/3G/4G Optional
  • Optional accessories:

    Secondary lock, Temperature Sensor, Different specifications of chains
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4G Gps Tracker Electronic Lock

HB-A1Lm is an intelligent GPS LOCK to ensure the safety of container, logistics and freight assets. It is with multiple unlock method such as RFID/Bluetooth/SMS/GPRS; It has a large capacity battery with long working time which can last for 28 days under 10 minutes upload interval;It is with built-in GPS module,GSM Module and blue tooth module,security monitoring,illegal unlock alarm and other functions. This product has been certified with CE and IP67 standards, it will be a perfect choose for you to monitoring your assets. 

GPS electronic lock

- 2G / 3G / 4G (Option)

- Real-time GPS tracking

- Geo-fences

- IP67

- Bluetooth 4.0PLUS for temperature / humidity sensor

- RFID / SMS / APP / Platform unlock

- 15200mAh Main battery

- 400mAh Backup battery

- Low battery alarm

- Magnet

- Chain: Standard optional: 30/60/100cm, supports custom. 

Chain cut alarm

- Max. 6 Vice lock for Tank Truck solution (Option)

- LoRa (Option, Replace Bluetooth module)

HB-A1LM Gps Tracker Electronic Lock
Function Parameter Note
Communication 2G Option The module varies by region or project.
Positioning Mode GPS/BDS Support to provide single GPS module or change according to project requirements.
Capture: -149dBm
Track: -167dBm
Start Time 35s
Bluetooth Wireless standards  Bluetooth 4.0PLUS  Option, Choose one of two modules. Bluetooth is supported by default.
LoRa ISM frequency band 150MHz-960MHz
RFID Card type
ISO/IEC 14443 TypeA
ISO/IEC 14443 TypeB
Support authorization card.
Reading distance Max. 10 cm
Greatest amount Max. 50 cards
Hardware Colour Black
Size 174 * 140 * 49mm
Material Flame retardant PC + fiberglass
Weight 1300g
Indicator light SYS\GPS\CHG
Working voltage 3.3~4.6V,Typical 4.0V
Working current 80mA
Working temperature  -30℃~+70℃
Storage temperature  -40℃~+85℃
Main battery: 15200mAh
Backup battery: 400mAh
Backup battery only works (Only for unlocking) when the main battery is depleted. 
Standby time 28 days 600 s/data
Protection level IP67
Chain length Standard optional: 30/60/100cm Support customization and cut alarm.
Traction of chain Max. 1000kg 
Interface Serial port 1 Provide matching customized accessories.
Charging port 1
SIM card 1

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We provide monitoring of inland container transportation. The transportation of containers is usually point-to-point delivery. Our customers will mounting the GPS LOCK on the container door at the departure place, activate the device, and perform remote real-time monitoring through the monitoring center during the journey , If the LOCK ROPE is cut, the GPS LOCK will report this information immediately, and then the monitoring center will determine whether there has been a robbery or theft; in addition, if someone opens the lock via RFID, Bluetooth, SMS or GPRS on the road , The device will also upload all unlocking records and record the time and location of the event; if someone tries to dismantle the GPS LOCK, the GPS LOCK will also upload an alarm to the platform. In short, our goal is to provide a full range of security monitoring for your cargo.

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HB-A1Lm and HB-A1L are an intelligent tracking and positioning lock used to ensure the safety of logistics and freight assets. It has the functions of keyless design, RFID/Remote unlocking, large capacity battery, ultra long working hours, illegal unlocking alarm, etc. It supports Bluetooth communication for connecting Bluetooth accessories, can be used to receive the temperature and humidity sensor, fuel sensor signal of the car. It is suitable for remote monitoring of oil tank truck, container, flatbed car, box truck management, etc. Main functions: RFID unlocking/remote unlocking: It can provide safe & convenient management services for cross regional transportation of goods by RFID unlocking or remote unlocking. Bluetooth communication: The slave lock can connect the master lock through Bluetooth, and the manager can control & read the slave lock by the master lock, which can effectively reduce the cost of the slave lock. Connect Bluetooth accessories to manage your fleet. Explosion proof design: It can be used for monitoring and management of oil tank truck. Slave Electronic Lock: 1 Main lock MAX. connect 7 Slave lock.

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What is a GPS electronic lock |

Intelligent Remote GPS Lock is a sophisticated tracking and asset management applications, provides enhanced functionality, easy installation, and caters to a wide range of applications. It help monitor container door status, and keep security of cargo. Device is open by RFID card, SMS command, and GPRS. and it can support muti kinds of alarm: Swipe RFID card alarm, lock string cut off alarm, unlock alarm, lock alarm, geo fence alarm, etc. Huabao intelligent GPS lock can greatly reduce the financial losses incurred by the difficulity in tracking valuable equipment such as trailers, containers, construction machines and other valuable mobile and fixed assets. The unit are equipped with improved IP67 enclosure and dual tampering detection mechanism, with a durable and long-life battery, as well as IP67 waterproof casing, without direct access to a power supply casing,without direct access to a power supply and ongoing maintenance, which enable this unit one of the best choice for valuable mobile assets monitoring.

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