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4G GPS Vehicle tracker with Canbus & Wifi

HB-A9S is a high-end 4G GPS Vehicle tracker: Built-in WIFI module, which can convert 4G signals into WIFI signals for passengers in the car. At the same time, it has rich interfaces to expand other functions as per projects, and can be used as a vehicle's multimedia transmission terminal.
  • Item NO.:

  • Network:

    2G/3G/4G Optional
  • Optional accessories:

    Relay, SOS button, Ibutton, MIC, Intercom, Camera, Different sensors, RFID.
  • Product Detail
  • Equipment Function
  • Equipment Parameter

4G GPS Vehicle tracker with Canbus & Wifi

HB-A9S is with 4G transmission and WIFI hotspot to realize picture snapshot and short video upload by working with dash camera; with two RS232 ports and one RS485 port for connecting related peripherals as per projects, such as Fuel sensor, Card reader,RS232 camera, Speed display,Weight sensor etc,also with Canbus analysis default to analyze J1939 protocol to get vehicle speed, percentage of the remaining fuel tank height. Besides, bluetooth is optional.

It can be widely used for all kind of applications and fleet management, such as bus companies, car rental, logistics, long distance and dangerous cargo transportation and so on.

GPS tracking system

- 2G / 3G / 4G (Option)

- Real-time GPS tracking
- Geo-fences
- Wifi
- Bluetooth 
- CANBus
- Built-in antenna or external antenna (Option)
- ACC status detection
- Over speed alarm
- Power cut alarm
- Low voltage alarm
- Abnormal GPS antenna alarm
- SOS alarm (SOS button)
- Cut fuel and power, Speed limit (Relay, Support mechanical valves)
- Audio monitoring (MIC or Intercom)
- Photo snapshot (Camera)
- Fuel monitoring (Fuel sensor)
- Temperature monitoring (Temperature sensor)

HB-A9S 4G GPS Vehicle tracker with Canbus&Wifi
Function Parameter Note
Communication 2G Option The module varies by region or project.
Positioning Mode GPS/BDS Support to provide single GPS module or change according to project requirements.
Capture: -148dBm
Track: -162dBm
Start Time 36s
WIFI Frequency band  802.11 b/g/n WLAN  Provide internet service via Sim card 4G network.
Number of hotspots 10
Bluetooth Version BT 4.2 Connect Bluetooth accessories.
Way of communication BT、BLE
Voice Buzzer Built-in buzzer Supports speeding alarm, fatigue alarm and driver not logged in alarm.
USB USB USB 2.0 Collect device data or perform local upgrade through U disk.
CANBUS CANBUS Default J1939 protocol Other protocols are not currently supported. If have required of project, can be custom development.
Hardware Working voltage 9V-36V
Working current 100mA
Working temperature  -30℃~+70℃
Storage temperature  -40℃~+85℃
Battery 400mAh Standby time: 2 hours
Size 114 * 82 * 34mm 
Protection level IP54
Weight 210g
Interface ACC detection 1
SOS alarm 1 Connect the SOS button.
Digital input 2
AD input 2 2 channels 0-33V
Digital output 1
Serial port 2 RS232 port, connect external accessories.
RS485 1
1-Wrie 1
USB port 1
Communication antenna option
GPS antenna option
SIM card 1
Audio output 1 Connect the MIC
Pulse speed 1

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