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/4G 1080P hard disk MDVR with digital tachograph

4G 1080P hard disk MDVR with digital tachograph

HB-DV05 is 4G MDVR with hard disk. It integrates the functions: GPS, Video Record, Digital Tachograph, ADAS and DSM system. There are 8 camera channels (Max. AHD 1080P). Fits Public transport, logistics and yellow machinery.
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    Different cameras, ADAS, DSM, SD Card, Hard disk, Camera extension cable, 7 inch LCD display, LED Display screen, Relay, SOS button, Ibutton, RFID, Different sensors
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4G 1080P hard disk MDVR with digital tachograph

HB-DV05 hard disk MDVR, implement videos stored in traditional vehicle video recorder and 3G/4G function such as video transmission, on the basis of the integration of the integrated GPS positioning monitoring and automobile black box, can be widely used in automotive GPS real-time monitoring, vehicle video surveillance, traffic status records and real-time state to remote monitoring, etc. 

DV05 can realize 8 channel video&audio, each channel maximum support AHD 1080P image solutions. With built-in high performance image processor and advanced H.264 video compression technology, it provides AHD video recording, storage and playback solution.

Hard disk and SD card as storage medium information record in the driver's driving, driving video, GPS data and alarm data. Equipment adopted professional hard disk shock heating technology scheme and hard disk, and according to the size of vehicle standard single DIN embedded installation design, security equipment with stable and reliable work. Fits public transport, logistics, fleet management and yellow machinery.

Mobile digital video recorders

- 4G 

- Digital tachograph
- Built-in printer
- GPS track and video surveillance in real time
- Geo-fence 
- ACC status detection
- Over speed alarm
- Power cut alarm
- Low voltage alarm
- Abnormal GPS antenna alarm
- SOS alarm (SOS button)
- Cut fuel and power(Relay, Support mechanical valves)
- Dual Channel Audio / Video
- 8 Camera Channels totales
- Resolution: D1 / AHD 720P / AHD 1080P (Option)
- Audio monitor (Via camera)
- Local video storage (Via SD Card and hard disk)
- ADAS (Option)

- DSM (Option)

HB-DV05 4G 1080P hard disk MDVR with digital tachograph
Function Parameter Note
Communication 4G Option The module varies by region or project.
Positioning Mode GPS/BDS Support to provide single GPS module or change according to project requirements.
Capture: -148dBm
Track: -162dBm
Start Time 36s
Black box Driving record 1 s/data can store 48 hours of records. Record vehicle speed, Vehicle status and driving time.
Location record 60 s/data can store 360 hours of records. Record the position coordinates and average speed of the vehicle.
Accident doubt Store 20 second record (0.2 s/data, total 100 data) before parking. Record the speed, time, status and location of the vehicle.
Fatigue driving Record the start/end time and location information of fatigue driving. Related parameters can be set.
Driver ID info Record driver information. Realized by RFID or Ibutton.
Mileage statistics Record driving mileage Accuracy: 0.1 km
Device info Record of device: VIN, Vehicle plate, Pulse coefficient, Initial installation time/mileage.
Device log Record device on/off and parameter modification data. The last 100 data, loop coverage.
Audio and video Video formats  PAL/NTSC
Compress standard H.264
Image resolution  1080P/720P /960H/D1/CIF@30fps 
Playback quality  1080P/720P /960H/D1/CIF@30fps 
Compound mode  Multi mode 
Decoding ability  8 channels simulate camera + 1 channel digital camera  Real-time 
Video quality  Level 1 to 8 optional 
Audio compress  G711、G.726 ed 
Recoord mode Sound and video sychronously recorded 
Video input DSM 1 Channe DSM camera(720)
ADAS 1 Channe ADAS camera(720)
Mode AHD 6 Channeles analog camera (1080P) 
IPC 1 Channel digital camera  Connect IPC camera
Video output CVBS 1 Channel CVBS Connect 7-inch LCD display
Output image  1/4/9 screens synchronously channel display 
Output format PAL/NTSC
Storage and playback Storage medium SD Card Singel SD acrd, Max. 256GB, class 10
Hard disk Singel HDD/SSD, Max. 2TB
Video query Support retrival according to channel, video type, alarm type 
Local playback 8 Channels display, playback by time 
Local backup U disk automatically backups
Storage capacity
1080P: 0.75G/Hour/Channel 
720P: 0.63G/Hour/Channel 
960H: 0.42G/Hour/Channel
Activity safety
1. Yawn while and fatigue drive behavior monitor and upload 
2. Monitor and upload the behavior that calling while driving
3. Monitor and report smoking behavior while driving 
4. Driving out of sight warning and reporting
5. Camera occlusion alarm
1. Lane departure prewarning and upload alarm and voice prompt
2. Automatically judge lane departure change
3. Warning if vehicle is too close
Hardware Working voltage 9V-36V
Working current 350~1500mA
Working temperature  -30℃~+70℃
Storage temperature  -40℃~+85℃
Battery 1000mA 3.7V GPS Standby time: 10 minutes
Size 188 * 176 * 60mm 
Protection level IP54
Weight 1000g
Interface ACC detection 1
Digital input 8
Digital output 2
Analog input 2
CANBUS 1 J1939
SOS alarm 1 Connect the SOS button.
Serial port 2 RS232 port, connect external accessories.
USB port 1
LED Display screen 1
SIM card 1
SD card 1
Hard disk 1
Communication antenna 1 External antenna 
GPS antenna 1 External antenna 

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