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Fuel monitoring solution |
March 08, 2021
1. Fuel monitoring solution profile
Fuel cost is one of the biggest cost for fleet management, the market is requiring for fuel monitoring solution since few years ago, the fuel theft will be never stop his behavior if we don’t have any management this, there are a lot of fuel monitoring solution already, but there are some problem such as: Device size is big, accuracy is bad, cost is high, our fuel monitoring is aimed to offer the most affordable and useful fuel monitoring solution to the market.

2. Fuel sensor

Normally there are 2 types of Fuel sensor is popular in the market, it is ultrasonic fuel sensor, Probe fuel sensor, details as below:

(1) Ultrasonic fuel sensor
- Easy installation
- No need to damage the fuel tank
- High accuracy, and high measurement accuracy can be guaranteed in high temperature and high cold external environment.
- Digital signal
- Smoothing in the algorithm to reduce the error caused by vehicle bumps
- Wide range of applications, such as truck, bus and tank truck etc…
- Environmentally friendly, non-polluting, low energy consumption, non-contact measurement, no need to punch or modify the fuel tank to produce fuel dirt and pollution
- High reliability. It can work normally under the harsh environment, moisture-proof, acid-proof, flame-retardant, anti-interference and intelligent.

- Avoid sensor corrosion and contamination of fuel, and maintain long-term measurement stability.

(2) Probe fuel sensor
- Cost is lower compare to ultrasonic fuel sensor
- Convenience: It can be fixed by flange or thread, which is easy to operate.
- Independence: The fuel consumption value is obtained directly by measuring the oil volume of the fuel tank, and does not have any effect or influence on the oil system/pipe.
- Uniqueness: With range self-cutting function, the user can recalibrate by pressing the button, and the digital output can also be equipped with debugging software.
- Self-adjusting: The sensor can adjust and install the range according to different tank sizes. The sensor adds temperature compensation function to automatically correct the error caused by the change of fuel volume caused by temperature change.
- Safety: Directly replace the original vehicle fuel gauge, no need to re-install the capacitor sensor on the fuel tank. The electronic cabin is explosion-proof and certified by Exia IIBT6 Ga. The sensor flange has two layers of leak-proof slots to prevent oil leakage.
- Stability: Without any mechanical moving parts, mature and stable circuit structure and high-quality components will make the sensor continuously used for several years without replacement.

3. Recommended devices

HB-A3B(GPS Tracker And Speed Limiter)

HB-A9S(4G GPS Vehicle Tracker With Canbus & Wifi)

HB-R03(Vehicle Digital Tachograph With Printer)

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