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Bus MDVR monitoring system application solution |
August 30, 2021
In daily life, public transportation has become an inseparable and important part of us, which facilitates people's travel, reduces traffic congestion, and is also conducive to save energy and cut emissions, and environmental protection. In the continuous development of public transportation, there are also many disadvantages- when public transportation drivers are driving, dangerous elements threaten the safety of the drivers; also acts such as theft and candid camera.
By installing on-board monitoring systems in public transport vehicles, It can efficiently monitor vehicle conditions and regulate the safety behavior of drivers and passengers. Our MDVR HB-DV05-S1(4G 1080P SD MDVR With ADAS & DMS) or HB-DV05(4G 1080P Hard Disk MDVR With Digital Tachograph) device is easy to install and can well protect the driving situation of the vehicle.

- Main features:4G, Dual SD card (HB-DV05-S1) o Hard disk (HB-DV05), 4CH/8CH Camera with vehicle driving recorder function,real-time video upload and storage.

- 720P/1080P Analog camera support multi-channel remote video monitoring, vehicle status and fault detection and display.

- ADAS camera can protect lane deviation warning with voice prompt; automatic judgment of lane change; alarm for vehicle distance too close.

- DMS camera can realize driver identification legality,early warning of bad behaviors such as driver fatigue, yawning, calling, not wearing seat belts, smoking, distracted driving.

- Hand microphone intercom can communicate with the driver or the team to dispatch single or cluster dispatching by turning on the hand-held microphone intercom.

- SOS alarm button is an emergency device on the car. when the passenger encounters an emergency, the passenger's life safety is violated or other crisis situations, just press the SOS button, and the front and rear display screens will automatically flash "SOS request for crisis event alarm" signal for help.

- The main purpose of the bus passenger flow statistics instrument is to realize real-time automatic statistics of the number of people getting on and off the bus, and to send the data to the system management platform for storage, formation of data reports and data analysis in real time. Therefore the monitoring center can instantly understand the passenger capacity of each vehicle.

The application solution is oriented to the safety management department of public transportation companies,ensure the travel safety of passengers.

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