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How to monitor and limit vehicle speed |
November 17, 2020

A Speed limiter, which control the maximum speeds of vehicles so equipped, have been proposed in recent years as speed management tools. Speed is one of the main risk factors in traffic safety, as it increases both the chances and the severity of a crash. In order to achieve improved traffic safety by influencing the speed of travel, the government road authority mandatory request to applied for all different type of commercial vehicles, passenger service vehicles to lower the legally imposed speed limits.

HB-A3B speed limiter and governor can meet and solve the problem,  that interfaces with the pedal of the vehicle to limit its speed. There are two modes of speed limit, one is pulse speed, which is controlled by the vehicle’s pulse speed wire, and the other is GPS speed, using GPS to monitor road signs, to detect the speed limit where the vehicle is travelling.

Main functions:

1. Speed limit

When the vehicle speed is exceed the preset speed, defaulted as 80KM/H,it will limit the vehicle speed via controlling relay.

A. Speed limit value can be changed by handphone set or our PC TOOL.

B. Configuration of speed mode: Pulse speed or GPS speed mode. Device defaulted as pulse speed mode

C. When choose pulse speed mode, the Characteristic Coefficient can be adjusted.

D. And when disconnect the speed signal wire, it will limit the speed at 40KM/H.

E. Automatic parameter calibration function: When the vehicle is driving at a fixed default speed such as 40 KM/H, insert the U disk to get the automatic calibration mode of the handle, and the characteristic coefficient of the vehicle is automatically calibrated to the speed matching the current speed. It can be calibrated using an external calibrator. This is used to calibrate the vehicle speed if the current vehicle is not matched. (optional)

F. Support speed limit by either internal or external relays, which simultaneously output the control signal.

2. Data Storage function

A. The device can store the last 72 hours of driving speed. The driving speed includes a minimum interval of 1 second interval storage, can store speed latitude and longitude information.

B. The device can store the last 72 hours of overspeeding information.

3. Data download and print out by PC software

4. Printing by outside printer

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