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    HB-T8 is our newly launched DASH CAMERAS . This product can record videos from multiple perspectives and scenes during vehicle driving, and incorporate visual AI function, supporting simultaneous ADAS and DMS operations. It can analyze the road warning in front of the vehicle and the driver's, status inside the vehicle, and timely issue warning reminders to ensure driving safety and prevent potential hazards.

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    Ethiopia Standard ES6413:2019 GPS GPS Speed Limiter |

    HUABAO HB-A3B Ethiopia Standard GPS Speed Limiter ES6413:2019 GPS Speed Governor Huabao HB-A3B GPS speed limiter is with GPS, GPRS, internal relay design of applying an intelligent speed assistance system that prevents vehicle from travelling over a set speed. This is not the same concept as cruise control as the vehicle does not maintain this set speed. The driver can still use the accelerator, but the speed limiter device prevents the vehicle from going faster if the vehicle reaches the limited speed for example 80km/h. The limit speed value can be configurable different as actual needs. Speed limiters are being implemented in the hope that they will reduce the traffic accidents, and can revolutionise road safety. In the year 2020, Huabao HB-A3B speed limiter has complied Ethiopia Standard GPS Speed Limiter ES6413:2019 GPS Speed Governor With GPS GPRS Function.The HB-A3B speed limiter device is not only a limiting device, but also a normal tracker which can connect fuel sensor to get fuel consumption to avoid fuel theft. In addition HB-A3B can support to connect externally USB or Bluetooth type printer to print the requested violations data to police authority. If you need such Ethiopia standards speed limiter or any customization requests on speed limiter, please feel free to contact us.

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    Demonstration of technical strength |

    Shenzhen Huabao Electronic Technology is a manufacturer of vehicle safety management. We design, manufacture and sell GPS Tracker/ MDVR/ Speed Limiter/ Digital Tachograph/ GPS Electronic Locks. At the same time, we provide a variety of product or industry solutions. We have a R&D team of more than 80 engineers to provide strong support for our products and your projects. The technical team is composed of hardware, software, design, testing and other different departments. We have the ability to provide customized services and ODM/OEM services for your project needs, build the suitable solution for your project. We design and manufacture our products with a responsible attitude towards product quality and our customers, welcome to contact us and learn about related products and services. We will show you our technical team in the video below.

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    How to use the PC software of our device |

    We have published a series of our PC's software operation demos on our Youtube. Related to devices: Upgrade procedure, Set parameters, Check datas, etc. You can learn and understand how to use our devices through related videos. At the same time, we explained the relevant operation steps one by one. If you want to get a demo video of any operations related to our devices, Welcome to contact and consult us. Main applicable device: HB-A1Q(4G GPS Tracker Electronic Seals), HB-A1Lm(4G Gps Tracker Electronic Lock), HB-A1L(Slave Electronic Lock)

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    4G Digital Tachograph with Speed Limiter Launched  |

    HB-R03 4G is our newly launched Digital Tachograph with Speed Limiter. Digital tachograph also called vehicle black box that records and stores vehicle driving speed, time, mileage, the driver and the co-driver information in an accurate and secure manner and other status information related to vehicle driving. The upgrade of the positioning module of the recorder improves the positioning accuracy of the recorder. It integrates with Beidou+GPS(dual position mode)+ GPRS/CDMA GSM 4G module multiple modes all-in-one device. HB-R03 Digital tachographs support mutli kinds of functions such as vehicle speed limiter,when the vehicle approach the preset maximum speed value,the buzzer will beep alarm in 5KM/H advanced of the preset speed. With the internal printer, the device will print the average speed of the vehicle for 15 minutes before stopping. The 4G digital tachograph and speed limiter is suitable for truck, coach, bus,passenger car, all related to the commercial vehicles and public service vehicles. With HUABAO digital tachograph comply with relevant policy and transportation legislation, for driver and road safety. Every day is Safety Day as safety has no holiday.

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    4G GPS Tracker for Trailer |

    HB-A1T (4G GPS Tracker for Trailer) is our newly developed device for trailer management and cargo monitoring solutions. Trailer tracker is designed and developed according to the requirements of trailers, container transport vehicles and other application scenarios that need to monitor outdoor assets such as vehicle body. With IP67 waterproof , built-in 4G communication, GPS module positioning, internal and external GPS antenna options, built-in large battery. HB-A1T trailer tracker has backup battery, after the main power is disconnected that will provide the power to backup battery, which will send alerts to platform and authorized cellphone. The backup battery can work for several days (Change according to transmission interval) after the main power disconnected. It is suitable for trailers, ships and other working scenes with high requirements on waterproof grade and long standby time.

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    Speed Limiter with Drive By Wire (DBW) - Electronic Throttle Control unit System |

    Unlike the most conventional speed limiters, where fuel or spark is cut to prevent power and driving, Huabao DBW or E-Throttle system firstly converts the cable throttle system into an electronic pedal and actuator controlled throttle system that allowing for electronic speed and acceleration control full smoothly. Drive-by-Wire (DBW) worked with Huabao various speed-limiter devices together are suitable for all vehicles that utilize an electronic throttle pedal. We are here to welcome to choose us for long-term partner on speed limiter solution product. Trust we will provide our best products and service as or beyond you expected.

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    New 4G GPS Tracker electronic seals |

    HB-A1Q(4G GPS Tracker electronic seals) is our newly developed device for asset management and cargo monitoring solutions. GPS Seals are electronic security seals that uses their geolocation to track the movement of a shipment, to ensure the safety of container, logistics and freight assets. It is suitable for asset supervision activities that are inconvenient for recycling. These GPS electronic seals can replace the traditional single use seal or expand upon the traditional seal for added security. HB-A1Q boasts the tiny size, easy installation and low cost, can be re-used or one-time-used. Support timing wake-up mode to ensure the use time of the device and the device in sleep can be waken up by inserting or cutting rope (Know real-time status of the chain). It would be crystal clear for clients to be kept informed of the current assets status and enables clientes to actively monitor the security and integrity of cargo assets as their goods move through the supply chain. The device monitors container door status securing the cargo and supports the use of Esim card. Suitable for container monitoring, asset management, maritime transportation and cross-border transportation industries etc.

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