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  • How to effectively protect your goods and logistics? |
    How to effectively protect your goods and logistics? |

    During the transportation of cargo, we always worry about the problems of irregular management and theft. Poor logistics transportation will affect the efficient operation of transportation inventory throughout a company's supply chain. Now, I will introduce our integrated solution for GPS electronic lock. Its will protect your cargo and assist in managing your logistics transportation. We provide Gps Electronic Lock HB-A1Lm, Slave Electronic Lock HB-A1L and GPS Electronic Seals HB-A1Q. HB-A1Lm is used to monitor the status of container doors (Opening and Closing ). At the same time, it provides GPS positioning data for monitoring and managing vehicle trajectories, ensure the vehicle follows the prescribed route and opens the container door at the designated location. The device has Bluetooth function to support the APP unlock and use of Bluetooth accessories, such as slave lock, temperature and humidity sensor etc. If your vehicle has multiple doors that need to be monitored, such as Double container truck and Tanker truck. You can choose slave electronic lock HB-A1L to be used together with main electronic lock HB-A1Lm. They connect to each other via Bluetooth and transfer data. 1 HB-A1Lm can connect up to 7 HB-A1L. HB-A1Q is used to monitor the status of cargo. It has a disposable metal chain, you can fix it in a suitable position in the cargo box. In order to continue know the location of the goods in the event of theft of goods and provide an alarm when the chain is cut.

  • How to monitor and limit vehicle speed |
    How to monitor and limit vehicle speed |

    A Speed limiter, which control the maximum speeds of vehicles so equipped, have been proposed in recent years as speed management tools. Speed is one of the main risk factors in traffic safety, as it increases both the chances and the severity of a crash. In order to achieve improved traffic safety by influencing the speed of travel, the government road authority mandatory request to applied for all different type of commercial vehicles, passenger service vehicles to lower the legally imposed speed limits. HB-A3B speed limiter and governor can meet and solve the problem,  that interfaces with the pedal of the vehicle to limit its speed. There are two modes of speed limit, one is pulse speed, which is controlled by the vehicle’s pulse speed wire, and the other is GPS speed, using GPS to monitor road signs, to detect the speed limit where the vehicle is travelling. Main functions: 1. Speed limit When the vehicle speed is exceed the preset speed, defaulted as 80KM/H,it will limit the vehicle speed via controlling relay. A. Speed limit value can be changed by handphone set or our PC TOOL. B. Configuration of speed mode: Pulse speed or GPS speed mode. Device defaulted as pulse speed mode C. When choose pulse speed mode, the Characteristic Coefficient can be adjusted. D. And when disconnect the speed signal wire, it will limit the speed at 40KM/H. E. Automatic parameter calibration function: When the vehicle is driving at a fixed default speed such as 40 KM/H, insert the U disk to get the automatic calibration mode of the handle, and the characteristic coefficient of the vehicle is automatically calibrated to the speed matching the current speed. It can be calibrated using an external calibrator. This is used to calibrate the vehicle speed if the current vehicle is not matched. (optional) F. Support speed limit by either internal or external relays, which simultaneously output the control signal. 2. Data Storage function A. The device can store the last 72 hours of driving speed. The driving speed includes a minimum interval of 1 second interval storage, can store speed latitude and longitude information. B. The device can store the last 72 hours of overspeeding information. 3. Data download and print out by PC software 4. Printing by outside printer

  • What is the ADAS&DMS system |
    What is the ADAS&DMS system |

    Active Safety is increasingly being used to avoid and minimise the effects of the road accident. As the manufacturer of Telematics device, Huabao has a  good solution to fleet operation and avoid the accident. ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistive System The ADAS is safety solution for collision prevention and mitigation. The system includes a smart camera located on the front windshield inside the vehicle. It can provide early warning, such as lane departure warning and collision warning in real time to reduce the driving risks. DMS - Driver Monitoring System Driver distraction is a major factor in road accidents, DMS is a kind of driving auxiliary warning system that is based on machine vision technology to detect driver abnormal driving status. It can help detect and alert the following conditions, fatigue drive, distraction, smoking and making a phone while driving. For Huabao whole solution, we integrated the ADAS and DMS with Our products of Mobile DVR HB-DV05 and HB-DV05-S1. It’s an All-in-one solution for Fleet operation and fix needs in terms of Safety issue, Driver behaviour and Operation monitoring.

  • Fuel monitoring solution |
    Fuel monitoring solution |

    1. Fuel monitoring solution profile Fuel cost is one of the biggest cost for fleet management, the market is requiring for fuel monitoring solution since few years ago, the fuel theft will be never stop his behavior if we don’t have any management this, there are a lot of fuel monitoring solution already, but there are some problem such as: Device size is big, accuracy is bad, cost is high, our fuel monitoring is aimed to offer the most affordable and useful fuel monitoring solution to the market. 2. Fuel sensor Normally there are 2 types of Fuel sensor is popular in the market, it is ultrasonic fuel sensor, Probe fuel sensor, details as below: (1) Ultrasonic fuel sensor Advantages: - Easy installation - No need to damage the fuel tank - High accuracy, and high measurement accuracy can be guaranteed in high temperature and high cold external environment. - Digital signal - Smoothing in the algorithm to reduce the error caused by vehicle bumps - Wide range of applications, such as truck, bus and tank truck etc… - Environmentally friendly, non-polluting, low energy consumption, non-contact measurement, no need to punch or modify the fuel tank to produce fuel dirt and pollution - High reliability. It can work normally under the harsh environment, moisture-proof, acid-proof, flame-retardant, anti-interference and intelligent. - Avoid sensor corrosion and contamination of fuel, and maintain long-term measurement stability. (2) Probe fuel sensor Advantages: - Cost is lower compare to ultrasonic fuel sensor - Convenience: It can be fixed by flange or thread, which is easy to operate. - Independence: The fuel consumption value is obtained directly by measuring the oil volume of the fuel tank, and does not have any effect or influence on the oil system/pipe. - Uniqueness: With range self-cutting function, the user can recalibrate by pressing the button, and the digital output can also be equipped with debugging software. - Self-adjusting: The sensor can adjust and install the range according to different tank sizes. The sensor adds temperature compensation function to automatically correct the error caused by the change of fuel volume caused by temperature change. - Safety: Directly replace the original vehicle fuel gauge, no need to re-install the capacitor sensor on the fuel tank. The electronic cabin is explosion-proof and certified by Exia IIBT6 Ga. The sensor flange has two layers of leak-proof slots to prevent oil leakage. - Stability: Without any mechanical moving parts, mature and stable circuit structure and high-quality components will make the sensor continuously used for several years without replacement. 3. Recommended devices HB-A3B(GPS Tracker And Speed Limiter) HB-A9S(4G GPS Vehicle Tracker With Canbus & Wifi) HB-R03(Vehicle Digital Tachograph With Printer)

  • How to manage your Tank truck or Multi-door box truck|
    How to manage your Tank truck or Multi-door box truck|

    HB-A1Lm and HB-A1L are an intelligent tracking and positioning lock used to ensure the safety of logistics and freight assets. It has the functions of keyless design, RFID/Remote unlocking, large capacity battery, ultra long working hours, illegal unlocking alarm, etc. It supports Bluetooth communication for connecting Bluetooth accessories, can be used to receive the temperature and humidity sensor, fuel sensor signal of the car. It is suitable for remote monitoring of oil tank truck, container, flatbed car, box truck management, etc. Main functions: RFID unlocking/remote unlocking: It can provide safe & convenient management services for cross regional transportation of goods by RFID unlocking or remote unlocking. Bluetooth communication: The slave lock can connect the master lock through Bluetooth, and the manager can control & read the slave lock by the master lock, which can effectively reduce the cost of the slave lock. Connect Bluetooth accessories to manage your fleet. Explosion proof design: It can be used for monitoring and management of oil tank truck. Slave Electronic Lock: 1 Main lock MAX. connect 7 Slave lock.

  • Bus MDVR monitoring system application solution |
    Bus MDVR monitoring system application solution |

    In daily life, public transportation has become an inseparable and important part of us, which facilitates people's travel, reduces traffic congestion, and is also conducive to save energy and cut emissions, and environmental protection. In the continuous development of public transportation, there are also many disadvantages- when public transportation drivers are driving, dangerous elements threaten the safety of the drivers; also acts such as theft and candid camera. By installing on-board monitoring systems in public transport vehicles, It can efficiently monitor vehicle conditions and regulate the safety behavior of drivers and passengers. Our MDVR HB-DV05-S1(4G 1080P SD MDVR With ADAS & DMS) or HB-DV05(4G 1080P Hard Disk MDVR With Digital Tachograph) device is easy to install and can well protect the driving situation of the vehicle. - Main features:4G, Dual SD card (HB-DV05-S1) o Hard disk (HB-DV05), 4CH/8CH Camera with vehicle driving recorder function,real-time video upload and storage. - 720P/1080P Analog camera support multi-channel remote video monitoring, vehicle status and fault detection and display. - ADAS camera can protect lane deviation warning with voice prompt; automatic judgment of lane change; alarm for vehicle distance too close. - DMS camera can realize driver identification legality,early warning of bad behaviors such as driver fatigue, yawning, calling, not wearing seat belts, smoking, distracted driving. - Hand microphone intercom can communicate with the driver or the team to dispatch single or cluster dispatching by turning on the hand-held microphone intercom. - SOS alarm button is an emergency device on the car. when the passenger encounters an emergency, the passenger's life safety is violated or other crisis situations, just press the SOS button, and the front and rear display screens will automatically flash "SOS request for crisis event alarm" signal for help. - The main purpose of the bus passenger flow statistics instrument is to realize real-time automatic statistics of the number of people getting on and off the bus, and to send the data to the system management platform for storage, formation of data reports and data analysis in real time. Therefore the monitoring center can instantly understand the passenger capacity of each vehicle. The application solution is oriented to the safety management department of public transportation companies,ensure the travel safety of passengers.

  • How to manage your dump track? |
    How to manage your dump track? |

    We know managing the logistics of your dump truck fleet isn’t easy. We need to keep abreast of the status changes of the dump body in order to ensure that the driver is using it in a regulated manner, as well as to perform data statistics. Avoid or record the occurrence of illegal dumping incidents. In our solution, we use the lift sensor to record the changes of the dump body. This sensor is used with our HB-A3B (GPS Tracker And Speed Limiter) o HB-DV05 (MDVR With Digital Tachograph). At the same time, we can record photos or videos of the status changes through the camera. We will provide professional and complete solutions for your project of dump track.

  • Refrigerated truck solution |
    Refrigerated truck solution |

    Some goods can be damaged by temperature variations. To ensure that cargo does not become damaged or compromised throughout this process, businesses in the pharmaceutical, medical and food industries are increasingly relying on the cold chain. We will introduce our HB-A3B(GPS Tracker And Speed Limiter) temperature sensor solution to you. The cold chain involves the transportation of temperature-sensitive products along a supply chain through thermal tracking management and refrigerated packaging methods to protect the integrity of these shipments. Benefits: Temperature Monitoring is definitely the most efficient way of managing your cold chain compliance. - Simplify compliance - Through the sets of tracking device + temperature sensor,  get easy access to online reports for as long as needed. - Protect your goods - benefit from real-time alerts that enable you to react quickly when problems arise, and save valuable merchandise. - Increase productivity - go from manual temperature reporting to a fully automated connected solution.

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