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Refrigerated truck solution |
June 21, 2021
Some goods can be damaged by temperature variations. To ensure that cargo does not become damaged or compromised throughout this process, businesses in the pharmaceutical, medical and food industries are increasingly relying on the cold chain. We will introduce our HB-A3B(GPS Tracker And Speed Limiter) temperature sensor solution to you.

The cold chain involves the transportation of temperature-sensitive products along a supply chain through thermal tracking management and refrigerated packaging methods to protect the integrity of these shipments.

Temperature Monitoring is definitely the most efficient way of managing your cold chain compliance.
- Simplify compliance - Through the sets of tracking device + temperature sensor,  get easy access to online reports for as long as needed.
- Protect your goods - benefit from real-time alerts that enable you to react quickly when problems arise, and save valuable merchandise.

- Increase productivity - go from manual temperature reporting to a fully automated connected solution.

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