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GPS electronic lock for customs inspection project |
July 04, 2022

HB-A1Lm (4G Gps Tracker Electronic Lock) is a GPS electronic lock. The device support 4G communication and GPS positioning function and mainly used in monitoring management of containers and cargo transportation. In recent years, more and more countries' customs departments have begun to use GPS electronic lock to monitor the management of inbound cargo in transit and avoid theft and tax evasion problems.

The device provides geofence and path settings. When the device deviates from the specified driving route and area, it will send an alarm to the platform and the designated email. And the device cannot be unlocked (Except for cutting chains) outside the geofence range.

HB-A1Lm has IP67 and ATEX protection certification. At the same time, we can provide additional protective covers of device to enhance the protection of use.

We have rich experience of GPS electronic lock to provide solutions for Logistics / Transportation / Customs inspection. On customs inspection project, we can provide the device solutions that meet government requirements according to the standards of different countries.

Welcome to contact us to understand our GPS electronic lock and put forward your project requirements.

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