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What is ADAS & DSM?
December 30 , 2020
The Advanced Driving Assistance System, or better known as the ADAS System, is a mechanism that improves motorist safety at the time of driving, and thus minimizes the risk of suffering a road accident or colliding with other vehicles.

DSM (Driver Status Monitor) is an Anti-fatigue system for driving safety. Driver's driving status can be confirmed to reduce accidents.

Our device HB-DV05(4G 1080P Hard Disk MDVR With Digital Tachograph) and HB-DV05-S1(4G 1080P SD MDVR With ADAS & DSM)  can help fleet managers to monitor driver status on time. Regulate the driver's driving behavior to improve driving safety in order to minimize the risk of a road accident.

Advanced Driver Assistance System Mobile DVR System

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