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/Ethiopia Standard ES6413:2019 GPS GPS Speed Limiter |
Ethiopia Standard ES6413:2019 GPS GPS Speed Limiter |
May 19, 2022
HUABAO HB-A3B Ethiopia Standard GPS Speed Limiter ES6413:2019 GPS Speed Governor

Huabao HB-A3B GPS speed limiter is with GPS, GPRS, internal relay design of applying an intelligent speed assistance system that prevents vehicle from travelling over a set speed. This is not the same concept as cruise control as the vehicle does not maintain this set speed. The driver can still use the accelerator, but the speed limiter device prevents the vehicle from going faster if the vehicle reaches the limited speed for example 80km/h. The limit speed value can be configurable different as actual needs.

Speed limiters are being implemented in the hope that they will reduce the traffic accidents, and can revolutionise road safety. In the year 2020, Huabao HB-A3B speed limiter has complied Ethiopia Standard GPS Speed Limiter ES6413:2019 GPS Speed Governor With GPS GPRS Function.The HB-A3B speed limiter device is not only a limiting device, but also a normal tracker which can connect fuel sensor to get fuel consumption to avoid fuel theft. In addition HB-A3B can support to connect externally USB or Bluetooth type printer to print the requested violations data to police authority.

If you need such Ethiopia standards speed limiter or any customization requests on speed limiter, please feel free to contact us.

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