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How to track the ballot-box and secure your ballot? |
February 17, 2022
HB-A1Q (4G GPS Tracker Electronic Seals) is an intelligent seal with GPS and GPRS functions (2G+4G)/IP65 casing/internal battery (1500mAh). It is an economical and favorable solution for securing asset as well as the national election ballot box tracking.

National election involves everyone. Under traditional situation, it is hard to track the ballot box avoid loss. With HB-A1Q, everything becomes easier since it is a durable tracking device with GPS and GPRS functions.

The features can be summarized as follow:
1.Real-time monitoring
With GPS and GPRS functions, e-seal will keep uploading the position to the monitoring platform (under certain interval).
2.Easy to install without complicated installation
Simply put the e-seal on the ballot box and lock it.
With IP65 casing and 1500mAh battery, the device is durable. Under 60mins interval, e-seal can last around 10 days.
79.5 * 44 * 21mm; 45g
5. High security
When someone cut the chain, e-seal will upload alarm to platform for signaling.
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