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New 4G GPS Tracker electronic seals |
February 07, 2021
HB-A1Q(4G GPS Tracker electronic seals) is our newly developed device for asset management and cargo monitoring solutions. GPS Seals are electronic security seals that uses their geolocation to track the movement of a shipment, to ensure the safety of container, logistics and freight assets. It is suitable for asset supervision activities that are inconvenient for recycling. These GPS electronic seals can replace the traditional single use seal or expand upon the traditional seal for added security.

HB-A1Q boasts the tiny size, easy installation and low cost, can be re-used or one-time-used. Support timing wake-up mode to ensure the use time of the device and the device in sleep can be waken up by inserting or cutting rope (Know real-time status of the chain). It would be crystal clear for clients to be kept informed of the current assets status and enables clientes to actively monitor the security and integrity of cargo assets as their goods move through the supply chain.

The device monitors container door status securing the cargo and supports the use of Esim card. Suitable for container monitoring, asset management, maritime transportation and cross-border transportation industries etc.

GPS Tracker Electronic Seals

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