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  • Inland container monitoring |
    Inland container monitoring |

    We provide monitoring of inland container transportation. The transportation of containers is usually point-to-point delivery. Our customers will mounting the GPS LOCK on the container door at the departure place, activate the device, and perform remote real-time monitoring through the monitoring center during the journey , If the LOCK ROPE is cut, the GPS LOCK will report this information immediately, and then the monitoring center will determine whether there has been a robbery or theft; in addition, if someone opens the lock via RFID, Bluetooth, SMS or GPRS on the road , The device will also upload all unlocking records and record the time and location of the event; if someone tries to dismantle the GPS LOCK, the GPS LOCK will also upload an alarm to the platform. In short, our goal is to provide a full range of security monitoring for your cargo.

  • All round solutions for commercial vehicles |
    All round solutions for commercial vehicles |

    We will introduce the full application of HB-A9S (4G GPS Vehicle Tracker With Canbus & Wifi) equipment through this article. 1. Optimize driver's driving habits: Improve the driving efficiency of vehicles on the road and ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians. We provide two solutions: control engine line, control accelerator. 2. Effectively monitor the driving process of drivers: The printer connection port is provided, which can print all driving speeds one hour before parking, and can print Over-speed records during driving. 3. Remote management of fuel consumption: It can monitor real-time fuel consumption, monthly fuel consumption, abnormal fuel volume alarm, etc.

  • Truck overload solution |
    Truck overload solution |

    In the road logistics, some company will try different way to less the transportation cost. One of the illegal way try to delivery more goods on the trucks and it will cause overload. Weight limits have been established to ensure trucks are safe on the open highway and interstates. The danger reason about the overload trucks on the road: 1. When trucks are overloaded with too much cargo, it places undue strain on the axles and mechanical components of the truck, making it more difficult to control 2. Jackknifing occurs when the trailer of the truck swings wildly to the side and forward, leading to a loss of control 3.  A heavy load causes extreme amounts of pressure on the braking system and tires, resulting in poor control and lessened stopping ability. 4.  In poor weather conditions, it is more difficult to control a large truck. Our Solution: Normally, they will set the weight station at the interstates border or highway to check the trucks. Because of the new fleet management solution and new technology, some country will use the load sensor to provide the actual data of the weight on the trucks, and it can keep check the loading situation in different location of point. HB-A3B and HB-DV05 Tracking Device for location reporting and weight information (By Axles load sensor) uploading.

  • School bus solution |
    School bus solution |

    More than million students are riding school buses everyday, telematics solution can help in more safer, systematics and easier to management for operation. Huabao HB-DV05-S1(4G 1080P SD MDVR With ADAS & DMS) School Bus Safety solution provide insight and help fleet managers determine effective ways to address potentially unsafe behaviours, and offering more interactive with parents to report school bus location and their child on/off record, the main feature for solution: * Real-time school bus tracking * Make sure school bus drivers observe all speed, avoid harsh driving such as hard braking and acceleration * Avoid overload carrying * RFID student card for tracking on board / get off record. * SMS reporting to parent the pick up / drop off time and location. * Record the situation inside/outside of the School bus through video.

  • What is the ADAS&DMS system |
    What is the ADAS&DMS system |

    Active Safety is increasingly being used to avoid and minimise the effects of the road accident. As the manufacturer of Telematics device, Huabao has a  good solution to fleet operation and avoid the accident. ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistive System The ADAS is safety solution for collision prevention and mitigation. The system includes a smart camera located on the front windshield inside the vehicle. It can provide early warning, such as lane departure warning and collision warning in real time to reduce the driving risks. DMS - Driver Monitoring System Driver distraction is a major factor in road accidents, DMS is a kind of driving auxiliary warning system that is based on machine vision technology to detect driver abnormal driving status. It can help detect and alert the following conditions, fatigue drive, distraction, smoking and making a phone while driving. For Huabao whole solution, we integrated the ADAS and DMS with Our products of Mobile DVR HB-DV05 and HB-DV05-S1. It’s an All-in-one solution for Fleet operation and fix needs in terms of Safety issue, Driver behaviour and Operation monitoring.

  • How to manage your dump track? |
    How to manage your dump track? |

    We know managing the logistics of your dump truck fleet isn’t easy. We need to keep abreast of the status changes of the dump body in order to ensure that the driver is using it in a regulated manner, as well as to perform data statistics. Avoid or record the occurrence of illegal dumping incidents. In our solution, we use the lift sensor to record the changes of the dump body. This sensor is used with our HB-A3B (GPS Tracker And Speed Limiter) o HB-DV05 (MDVR With Digital Tachograph). At the same time, we can record photos or videos of the status changes through the camera. We will provide professional and complete solutions for your project of dump track.

  • How to track the ballot-box and secure your ballot? |
    How to track the ballot-box and secure your ballot? |

    HB-A1Q (4G GPS Tracker Electronic Seals) is an intelligent seal with GPS and GPRS functions (2G+4G)/IP65 casing/internal battery (1500mAh). It is an economical and favorable solution for securing asset as well as the national election ballot box tracking. National election involves everyone. Under traditional situation, it is hard to track the ballot box avoid loss. With HB-A1Q, everything becomes easier since it is a durable tracking device with GPS and GPRS functions. The features can be summarized as follow: 1.Real-time monitoring With GPS and GPRS functions, e-seal will keep uploading the position to the monitoring platform (under certain interval). 2.Easy to install without complicated installation Simply put the e-seal on the ballot box and lock it. 3.Durable With IP65 casing and 1500mAh battery, the device is durable. Under 60mins interval, e-seal can last around 10 days. 4.Compact/Portable/Economical 79.5 * 44 * 21mm; 45g 5. High security When someone cut the chain, e-seal will upload alarm to platform for signaling.

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