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4G Digital Tachograph with Speed Limiter Launched |
July 19, 2021
HB-R03 4G is our newly launched Digital Tachograph with Speed Limiter.

Digital tachograph also called vehicle black box that records and stores vehicle driving speed, time, mileage, the driver and the co-driver information in an accurate and secure manner and other status information related to vehicle driving.

The upgrade of the positioning module of the recorder improves the positioning accuracy of the recorder. It integrates with Beidou+GPS(dual position mode)+ GPRS/CDMA GSM 4G module multiple modes all-in-one device.

HB-R03 Digital tachographs support mutli kinds of functions such as vehicle speed limiter,when the vehicle approach the preset maximum speed value,the buzzer will beep alarm in 5KM/H advanced of the preset speed. With the internal printer, the device will print the average speed of the vehicle for 15 minutes before stopping.

The 4G digital tachograph and speed limiter is suitable for truck, coach, bus,passenger car, all related to the commercial vehicles and public service vehicles. With HUABAO digital tachograph comply with relevant policy and transportation legislation, for driver and road safety. Every day is Safety Day as safety has no holiday.

Vehicle Digital Tachograph With Printer

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