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4G GPS Tracker for Trailer |
May 27, 2021
HB-A1T (4G GPS Tracker for Trailer) is our newly developed device for trailer management and cargo monitoring solutions. Trailer tracker is designed and developed according to the requirements of trailers, container transport vehicles and other application scenarios that need to monitor outdoor assets such as vehicle body. With IP67 waterproof , built-in 4G communication, GPS module positioning, internal and external GPS antenna options, built-in large battery.

HB-A1T trailer tracker has backup battery, after the main power is disconnected that will provide the power to backup battery, which will send alerts to platform and authorized cellphone. The backup battery can work for several days (Change according to transmission interval) after the main power disconnected.

It is suitable for trailers, ships and other working scenes with high requirements on waterproof grade and long standby time.

4G GPS Tracker for Trailer

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