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    What is a GPS electronic lock |

    Intelligent Remote GPS Lock is a sophisticated tracking and asset management applications, provides enhanced functionality, easy installation, and caters to a wide range of applications. It help monitor container door status, and keep security of cargo. Device is open by RFID card, SMS command, and GPRS. and it can support muti kinds of alarm: Swipe RFID card alarm, lock string cut off alarm, unlock alarm, lock alarm, geo fence alarm, etc. Huabao intelligent GPS lock can greatly reduce the financial losses incurred by the difficulity in tracking valuable equipment such as trailers, containers, construction machines and other valuable mobile and fixed assets. The unit are equipped with improved IP67 enclosure and dual tampering detection mechanism, with a durable and long-life battery, as well as IP67 waterproof casing, without direct access to a power supply casing,without direct access to a power supply and ongoing maintenance, which enable this unit one of the best choice for valuable mobile assets monitoring.

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